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Jaguar will introduce a new special edition XKR at Geneva Motor Show
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Jaguar will introduce a new special edition XKR at Geneva Motor Show

2 March 2010., at 10.30 , at a press conference at the Geneva Motor Show, Jaguar will be presented special edition coupe XKR . XKR 2011 model year engine equipped AJ-V8 Gen III R with direct fuel injection, which is the most perfect and the most economical power unit with a supercharger, ever produced by Jaguar. 5.0-liter AJ-V8 Gen III R supercharged has an output of 510 hp (510 hp SAE) and torque of 625 Nm, which allows you to overclock the XKR coupe from zero to 100 km/h in just 4.8 seconds.

The stunning new XKR Special Series differs many specific details, as well as the presence of additional equipment - Speed ​​Pack and Black Pack , first introduced in cars XK 2011 model year.

Thanks kit Speed ​​Pack the maximum speed of a special series XKR increased with the value of 250 km/h, limited electronically to 280 km/h Engine adds a six-speed automatic transmission with paddle shift levers, lightweight body is made of aluminum alloy, and a set of systems, computer-controlled. These include the active control system differential (Active Differential Control) and a system of Adaptive Dynamics, which provides faster acceleration, more precise response and set new standards in driving dynamics and comfort. To ensure stable motion with a set XKR Speed ​​Pack, use the upgraded front spoiler and rear spoiler increased size, which enhance driving stability and reduce lift.

The optional equipment Black Pack will allow customers to make their appearance Jaguar even more confident and purposeful. All cars XKRbudut equipped with 20-inch alloy wheels Kalimnos gloss black, body-colored front and rear spoiler and tailgate trim. Buyers also have the opportunity to order the application of the general label "XKR" on the sides of the body.

In both sets used special body color palette , which Jaguar's design team picked specifically for this series and felt perfect for giving exclusive coupe form.

Special Edition XKR can be equipped with both sets of equipment and is the most "advanced" version of the sports coupe.

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