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Jaguar XF has won the prize "Car of the year by Women"

Moscow, Russia, January 27, 2010 - Following the Jaguar XF Diesel S, received the "Sedan of the Year" by the magazine Top Gear, and the new Jaguar XJ, they also noted the award "Interior of the Year», Jaguar XF was first awarded " car of the year by women ».

The new award was presented in November 2008. Its appearance is due to the fact that in 2007 in the American jury prize "Car of the Year" was not a single woman.

Eight women - authors automotive publications from around the world - have teamed up to establish a premium, where the main criteria - these are the qualities that women look for when buying a car in the first place. This list includes such factors as a large capacity, easy dashboard, comfort for the transport of children, aesthetic appeal, and manageability. Taken into account and the "sex appeal" of the car.

The machine in question had to be sold in the markets at least ten countries in the world. Short-list of 21 car was made at the beginning of last year.

Sandy Meyer (Sandy Myhre), chairman of the jury, said: "During this year, the judges tested 21 vehicles from the short-list, and the Jaguar XF was the clear winner, ahead of Volvo XC60 for 21 points. This is a great result, especially considering that the difference between some of the cars had only one point or less ».

"The fact that the car premium was awarded" Car of the Year according to the women, "came as a surprise. Moreover, many of the participants in the competition cars claim to be the "woman's car". But all the judges were unanimous in their opinion that a well-designed, safe, convenient, Jaguar XF, which combines sportiness and luxury, is the perfect vehicle and the female point of view, too, »

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